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    I have updated Hilighter to allow customization of all 6 colors of the 650 navigation ring. The same binary will also work properly on a 600. Get it at

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    There's a small update to Hilighter available at PalmGear.

    I noticed that some Treo 650 UI controls (especially tabbed dialogs such as those on the Blazer Preference menu) still seem to be using the old Treo 600 color values. This release uses a subset of the colors selected to fill in the legacy colors.

    You may need to open the Hilighter panel once to get the colors to update.
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    One more 650-related bug fix. The legacy colors used by some controls were not being restored after a reset. 1.5.2 fixes this. The files have been updated at PalmGear, so head on over and get the latest version.
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    Thanks for the update, arognlie!

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