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    YOU CAN FIND THE CRADLE AT Make sure you can get the software update. CDMA software is not available but it is available for an unlock GSM unit. Here is the link.

    Here is a link to it, please try updating the software and see if it works then:
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    Just thought I'd add another "waiting" voice to the list...
    The THB Bury Base was awesome for the Treo 600, and I'd expect no less if it's ever released for the 650... I'm building a much-less featured hold/charge base from a German-custom phone base (car model specific) and a charge/sync cradle that I should fit decently with the base. After ordering, I found a US supplier, Kuda (I should've searched this board more!), that offers similar base options & a charger, but that runs $80 for a temporary fix-but it might be of interest to others.

    The shape of the German base is different than Kuda's so I hope it'll fit the charge cradle, and the wiring can be hidden underneath since the car has a 12V plug at the back of the passenger foot-well & an inverter to convert to USB... We'll see when the charger arrives...

    Meanwhile, the news posted in the text attachment (page 1 of posts) is encouraging, with an expected Sprint firware update in late-summer which will allow THB to release their cradle for non-GSM T650's.... Just wait and see, I guess.
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    I was once interested in the THB, but have discovered the Parrot series of devices. I have the Evolution. It automatically mutes my stereo and connects without taking the treo off my belt. It also includes voice dialing. Best of all, I will not have to change cradles/hardware when I get a new phone.
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