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    Does anyone know of an app that will allow you to make a dated task from an event in datebook or a app that will allow you to set recurring tasks (i.e. reminder to pay a bill on a certain date that can be checked as done)
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    DateBk5 (Pimlico Software, $25) lets you set a recurring untimed event, and "float" it from the initial day onward, and when you complete it, you can "check" it as done in the "float" circle; that particular instance then goes away but the following recurrences remain on the calendar. DateBk5 is a calendar program, not a task program, but in this case it's about the same thing.
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    DateBk5 absolutely Rocks!
    It really is so much better than the standard Datebook.
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    Is the program that people were having problems with duplicate alert messages because both apps share the same database?

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