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    Greetings Fellas...

    I use The Missing Sync to sync my Treo 650 to my Entourage 2004 Database. It does a great job, except it doesn't sync any Categories.

    Can someone confirm that either iSync or Palm Desktop software succesfully sync's Entourage Categories.

    While the Missing Sync is great software, I'd be happy to ditch it if there are other ways to sync the categories.

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    missing sync syncs categories fine for me with Treo 600 and entourage 2004.

    Note, a category has to have a data item assigned to it before it can sync.
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    I know there has to be an event associated with a category, but it just doesn't work. Once synced, all categories on my Treo are assigned the "unfiled" category.

    Mark/Space support has been no help at all.
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    I wonder if anyone else with missing sync/entourage 2004/treo650 is having a problem with categories?
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    The Entourage documentation says that categories for all items except events will sync with the Palm. This is the case with me. Task categories sync, but event categories don't.

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