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    whats going on with firestorm... i downloaded there new demo supposedly released on the 28th.

    it claims.. word for word on their website...

    and yet the demo still crashed my Treo the second i load up a rom. i am trying a 4.5 meg rom from the sd card with 5.9 megs free.

    oddly i tried their C version as well and when i ran it from the card it seemed to load the first frame of the ROM but i just heard sound crackling. completely unusable. when i copies the C version to my treo it just reset again. brilliant.
    instant reset. has anyone had luck? are these guys just liars?
    whats the deal here.

    PalmOS High-Res:
    Tungsten T, T2, T3, C, E
    Zire 71, 72
    Treo 650

    Dec 28, 2004
    - fixed several asm core bugs
    - Treo 650 / T|T5 movement fixed
    - now includes older C version, much more compatible but a lot slower
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    Its crap. Same thing happen to me. Quickly removed it from my treo. I'll just wait for the PSP.
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    Firestorm DOES work. You'll need (sit down now) almost 10 MB free for 4MB ROMs and (still sitting?) 15MB (!!) free (15.8 INCLUDING Firestorm in RAM) for 8MB ROMS (thanks PalmOne). But they do work if you have the mem requirements. I can play every single GBC game and Advance Wars (4MB for GBA, very slow right now though).

    I can honestly say that I can't free up 15MB. The only large-sized apps I have in RAM are Verichat and Chatter (750k each), and well... those guys aren't going anywhere.

    And since the max mem size (as indicated by Filez/ClockPop) is 17MB, there's not much room left. (I tested 8MB ROMS by temporarily moving Verichat to the card to free up 15MB , and they work).
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    Quote Originally Posted by wahili
    and yet the demo still crashed my Treo the second i load up a rom. i am trying a 4.5 meg rom from the sd card with 5.9 megs free.
    Come on, you didn't really expect that to work, did you?

    Quote Originally Posted by wahili
    instant reset.
    I blame P1 for these resets. There's no out-of-memory error handling in the 650. So when a 16MB ROM gets dropped into 4 MB free RAM, poof. (poof even if a 4MB ROM gets dropped into a 650 w/ 4MB free).
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    The truth is -- it doesn't matter if you can load GBA roms -- they are completely unplayable. I was getting about 1 frame every 2 seconds on the 3 that I tried. Well actually only 2 of the 3 loaded.

    It does a great job at GB and GBC emulation though. So I don't feel totally ripped off..... Just mostly ripped off.
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    So, how is the speed with gameboy and gameboy color games? Anyone try Zelda, Zelda DX, or the other 2 zelda's for gbc?
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    The Zelda games are fantastic. If anything, the emulator is too FAST on some games, specially on old GB games.
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    I have Firestorm running on my Treo 650. When I load the game I can go up and down in the menus but once I get intop the game can't move left/right/up, but I can use every other button. In the options its set to 5 way navigation. What am I missing?


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