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    Quote Originally Posted by skydivewags
    If you want to take the call with the phone, press the button on the phone. If you want to take the call with the headset, press the button on the headset.
    Sorry to dig up an old post. What is described above is how I want to bluetooth headset to work. Did anyone ever find a way to implement this functionality?

    It drives me crazy when I answer my Treo only to have the bluetooth headset (that is somewhere else) take the call instead of the Treo that is up against my ear!
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    Carlton - Don't be sorry (to dig up an old post)! This has been driving me crazy since the Cingular 1.17 update!

    Prior to the update, I never had to cancel a BT pickup. If a call came in and I wanted to answer it with BT, I hit the button on my BT headset. If I wanted to answer the call with the Treo handset, I hit the green button. Neither device ever automatically picked up for the other.

    I understand why some people like having automatic BT transfer. I just want the OPTION! I want it like it was before the update!


    Treo 650 - Cingular GSM
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    Some call this Auto-Transfer a feature and say it is by design, but it used to Not Auto-Answer when I first got my BT headset and I loved it. I am not sure what changed things, but one day it started to do this and it drives me nuts.

    I don't wear my headset unless I am on the phone, but I do keep it turned on. So every single time I answer the phone I have to hit the cancel headset button unless I want to use the headset. The manual states that this depends on the phone and I just wish there was a perference so I could set it. I am sure someone likes the way this works, I just don't.
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