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    Does anyone know of a way to have Launcher III display your day's appointments and to do lists? I know Handscape can do this, but I have read a few too many horror stories about Handscape-related crashes. Any suggestions?

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    Launcher III is a launcher. It does not do windows, appointments, todos, memos, etc.

    If you want a free viewer for current appointments and todos, try Hot Date. You can find it on
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    That's the same combination that I use (Launcher III and Hotdate). I like Hotdate so much I've made the memopad hard button launch Hotdate. I haven't had any problems with the program so far... And its free!

    Rick Bailey
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    wow, i've never seen hotdate before...thanks for the's a great program!
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    Doesn't DateBook+ display both your todo list and appointments? Is HotDate better?
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    Hotdate let's you view what's going on 'today' 'tomorrow' or this week..or the next 14 days or the next 21 compresses all your appointments for the selected amount of time onto one screen. that way i can see my 'line-up' for the week or tomorrow or today!

    i like the quick list...the address book allows you to make a quick list catagory to have frequently used numbers, but you can't put them in 2 catagories at once. hot date has a quicklist which you build out of your existing address book. thus keeping the names in the catagory you want them in.

    another feature is the alarm. you can set an alarm from 30sec to 60 min from now. almost puts my timex turn'n'pull out of business.

    i'm impressed. it does quite a bit and doesn't involve installing hackmaster or that other hack runner. (i'm not a fan of hacks
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    HotDate looks pretty good. How do you think it compares with WhatzUp?
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    seems like whatzup and hotdate are generally the same. hotdate may be a little better in that it has the contacts quicklist popup and alarm.


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