OK, I am hoping someone out there knows how to build a Treo 600 serial connector. So far I have found very little information about this. Does anyone know how to get the real Treo 600 technical reference documents about the connector at the bottom?

I am trying to build a connector between my Garmin Foretrex 101 and my Treo. So far I have built and tested a connector between the Foretrex and my PC. It works fine. I have a web page with all the information I am gathering:


Does anyone know anything else about the connector? I joined the PalmOne PluggedIn program, and after waiting for hours for my login, I can't find any hardware technical information about that Treo 600. How does everyone else find out about this stuff?

Boy this has been a lot harder than I would have ever suspected. No wonder there is a website selling a Treo 600 to serial connector for $60.