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    It just started to soft reset during a HotSync. It happened during the VersaMail portion of the backup(4 times) I set it up to not backup VersaMail and it was able to complete the HotSync.
    Why would it start doing this? I've never had any problems up until this morning.
    Has anyone else had this problem?

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    My 650 would reset about 50% of the time during hotsyncs. It always happened during *large* files. I removed Butler and the problems went away. Any chance you are using Butler?
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    No, It just started. Not using Butler. It happens during VersaMail.
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    Well, I deleted all the mail I was saving, and it hotsync's fine now. Must of been a corrupt e-mail.

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    I too have experienced this. I have had my 650 a day now, and this has happened twice. Once while installing Bible db's (large files obviously), and the other time I wasn't watching when it did it. Both times it sync'd fine immediately after the reset without changing anything.

    I am running Butler.


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