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    So I just finished a pretty big job (I run things in Times Square on New Year's Eve), and had the Scala (and my 650) with me the whole time.

    The Scala was pretty damned flawless. Never ran out of juice. Loud as all get out. Stayed on my ear better than the radio earbud I had in my other ear.

    The Scala was loud enough that standing in the middle of Times Square, with 1,000,000 people and a loud sound system, I could still hear people (using the mute trick, of course). And people could hear me speaking back to them.

    That's pretty damn impressive, if you ask me.

    Yes, the flopping can scare you - but once you realize that the thing won't fall off, it's great.

    Anyways - after trying the BT250 and the HS820, I highly reccomend the Scala Cardo.

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    Great personal experience with the Scala. You should send it in to the folks at Cardo as a testimonial.
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    What's the mute trick you were referring to?

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