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    Does anyone know how to get your POP3 mail when syncing your Visor on a computer with Internet access?
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    I not sure I understand your question. Are you trying to:

    a) sync your mail from your POP mail client and Visor

    b) Download POP mail directly into your Visor via modem

    c) Remote hotsync Visor to computer with pop client

    Which mail client are you using? Sorry if I missed the question.
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    Actually, I am interested in downloading my mail from a POP3 server while syncing my Visor w/o using a client. My e-mail situation is rather complicated in that my main client is web-based and does not allow me POP3 access. I am therefore (store and) forwarding my mail to another server which does have POP3 for the sole purpose of being able to downloaded it to my Visor. I have no interest in using a POP3 client because I use several computers in different locations and prefer to keep the web-based one. Am I crazy?
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    Maybe you should switch to a web based e-mail with pop access such as yahoo. That way you can download that e-mail directly to your Visor
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    For choosing a client, go to PalmGear and search on "pop3" or use the attached link
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    Originally posted by hgupta:
    Maybe you should switch to a web based e-mail with pop access such as yahoo. That way you can download that e-mail directly to your Visor
    How do I go about getting my Yahoo mail synched to my Visor?

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    Originally posted by kcav:
    How do I go about getting my Yahoo mail synched to my Visor?
    Two ways that come to mind:

    First, make sure you have POP access enabled in your account and then either:

    1) Download your Yahoo mail into your POP3 client and sync your Visor, or

    2) Install a POP client on your Visor, connect it to the internet and download directly.

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    From yahoo!'s mail, select options on the left panel, and then "pop access and forwarding" you can then have your Yahoo mail either forwarded to another account, or retrieved by pop access using your desktop program like outlook or Eudora. Yahoo's settings for mail access are and I have found Yahoo to be the most useful site for people with palm pilots. You can also synchronize your contacts, to do list, memos and calendar with yahoo to keep your non-visor attached computers synchronized. Very useful. Excite also offers some of the same functions. (they both use truesync conduit which is free).
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    Clarification: I already have POP3 access. What I want to do is pull my mail directly into my Visor from my POP3 server during a regular hot-sync without having to download it to a desktop client first. Does anyone know of a client that can do this? It should also automatically activate the internet connection if it is not active, la AvantGo.
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    Okay, you lost me. I can't imagine why you wouldn't want a hard copy of your mail on your desktop where you hotsync. If you're afraid of deleting the e-mail off of the server, most e-mail clients have an option to leave the mail on your server so you can still access it if you need to from the web.
    As for the automatic dialing, only programs that have a desktop component can automatically dial to the internet. Even Avantgo has this desktop portion. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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    oh, I finally see what you are talking about.
    I use outlook 97. I never open the program up to retrieve mail, it automatically checks for mail when I hotsync. I assumed all programs did that.
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    I'm looking for something similar.

    I've written a web based email system, and I'd like to synch unread messages with my visor, through some sort of a couduit. In this case, there is no desktop client other than the browser. I'd really like to have visor access. And it has to work on something other than windows. (mac/linux ok)

    Ideally, I'd like to get an xml-rpc interface thing going in the conduit, since that's a much more extensible system. (see, I could basically snag web pages for editing/approval then resynch and have the changes posted.)

    I have pretty much _full_ control over the server, pop3, xml-rpc, smtp, whatever.

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    I too would like this to work as a conduit with no desktop client.

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