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    is there a way to back up your entire treo onto your sd card?
    so that in the event of it breaking i could just move it to a back up treo.

    thanks in advance for any help!

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    You could use BACKUPMAN
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    I second the suggestion for Backupman. It has been extremely reliable for me and is inexpensive relative to otherofferings (about $10). SD card backups let you to never worry about hard resets again. It's especially important if you have to have your Treo replaced. You and I have T600s. I'm not sure that Backupman will work with a T650 though so you might want to check that in case you ever get upgraded to a T650. (Come to think about it, I'd like to know this answer myself. I'll try and research the answer.)
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    I third the suggestion for Backupman. Replaced my T6 a few months ago. I was up and running on the new unit in minutes
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    Here is a thread discussing the problems people have had:

    Here is BackupMan's web page with current status on the issue:

    Basically they say that PalmOne bugs are preventing correct backups and that all backup vendors will eventually see the problem.. They are waiting on a fix from PalmOne.
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    BackupMan has a new version that works great with the T650. I had to e-mail them to get it about a month ago.
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    I've used Backupman since I had my 600. A few months ago, I had the phone replaced at a Sprint store. I got into my car, ran a restore, and the new phone became "my" phone in less than 5 minutes.
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    Backup Buddy!
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    I am BackupBuddy user for many years. I am on my 5th treo 600 and I manage to get all my data onto the replacement without any hassle.
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    I use BackupMan and I am very satisfied. I am a huge fan of the automated backup feature. I set it, forget it, and hope I never have to use it.

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