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    I'm running 1.0b17.13 and my Treo 650 still won't wake up from sleep. Is anyone else (still) having this problem? I have to quit Chatter and restart to get it to wake up.

    Also, I just noticed that after returning to the message list after viewing a message, the top message on the screen is selected rather than the one just viewed.
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    plaut - I'm looking at the return from viewing issue this morning; just happened when I updated the interface.

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    I am looking for an answer to the following question. If ones IMAP server is behind a firewall will the "push" e-mail work in Chatter? I have Mergic VPN but it seems that if I am not signed in to the VPN server prior...Chatter's push does not work. Can anyone confirm this...does your VPN always have to be signed in for the "push" e-mail to work?

    P.S. I do have mergic's auto enable set for Chatter.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer.
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    I know there are people here who have used Chatter with Mergic... Anyone?


    p.s. You might search the forum...
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    I have the same problem here with Mergic. I like Chatter, but can't make it work, not because of Chatter, but because the Mergic VPN seems to log off once the Treo goes to sleep.

    I've yet to receive push mail using Chatter and my VPN for this reason. If I leave the unit on and awake, Chatter / VPN works as hoped. They just won't work when asleep (and isn't that when we really need push?).

    I didn't seem to have the same problem with VersaMail, as it would usualy poll the IMAP server on schedule - even if asleep, but I left Versa because it has too many bugs and does not support push.

    I asked Mergic about Treo650 integration (Mergic does not suport the VPN panels in the 650), and they told me that those panels are Treo proprietary - and Mergic is designed to be used by all Palm devices. I accepted that answer (unhappily) until I saw the VPN from Certicom, who's PalmOS 5 version includes support for the VPN panels (but I can't use since our VPN is PPTP).

    Versamail has a panel in it for VPN, and I feel that may be the secret. Having an app that is VPN aware, and a VPN that is OS5 aware seems to be the answer, but I can't find a combination of app and VPN that appears to have that capability.

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    I'm using Chatter to push e-mail from my Exchange IMAP e-mail account at work. We use a PPTP VPN. I've been having trouble with Chatter and the Mergic VPN, and I think I finally found out why.

    1. According to the Mergic manual, while the VPN is in use, the Palm device (my Treo) will never time out and go to sleep, because of the maintenance network traffic required to keep the VPN up. The Treo just stays on, and in fact, gets much warmer to the touch than I've experienced before. Connected to AC, it gets hot, on battery, it just runs down quickly. In a pocket, it's a mess (random touchscreen presses).

    2. If I hit the "End" button to power off the Treo, Chatter or the VPN do something (disconnects from the network?), and the VPN tries to re-establish, and turns the Treo back on immediately, then goes through its reconnect dialog, and stays on = See #1

    3. If I pound the end key several times, the Treo does go to sleep, but the VPN is in a locked-up state, breaks connection to the IMAP server, and I don't get push e-mail.

    Result, it appears, is that you can't do push e-mail on Treo 650 with a Mergic VPN.

    Does anyone know if the Movian VPN has this same behavior?

    Now I understand why the VersaMail manual says it may not be able to Auto-Sync if a VPN is involved. I think they've found this out already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    brutel1 - What's odd about your observation about "making the connection" is that the Palm OS handles 100% of the interaction. Neither Blazer nor Chatter would appear to be able to affect that process!

    Marc, what makes me wonder about this is that I do not have the same problem with Seven's client or with Snappermail. With Seven, I never touch anything or see any connection messages -- it just works (in the background). With Snapper, if I happen to notice that it's trying to connect to Vision when I'm roaming, I just dismiss the attempt and it works fine when I come back into a Vision service area. With Chatter, whether I'm roaming or in a no service area, the next time I come back into service I cannot connect to Vision without turning off and restarting RF. So, even though this is handled by the OS, Chatter seems to behave differently, much to my chagrin. In every other respect, Chatter kicks ****. As you can imagine, however, this problem is a deal breaker.
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    curtis - I think a log would be VERY helpful, as I indicated in another thread this morning. Thanks.

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