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    The Sprint store replaced one - a month later had another another replaced - that lasted 3 month and I had to get yet another tonight ....

    By the way, these weren't Treos, but Sansung and LG phones priced at $200 - no camera, no Palm, nothing.

    For all those who endlessly complain about replacing Treos, this is not isolated to HS or P1.

    Just a little reality check.......
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    My experience with the replacement program has been surprisingly good. I lost my Treo while on vacation out of the country. I called the replacement program for SPCS on Monday morning at 10 am, when I returned home from work at 6 pm, my refurbished Treo was on my doorstep. The phone was already programmed and ready to go. I performed a Hotsync and I'm back up and running. One thing that I don't like is the screen has an annoying blue tint. Time will tell if this phone is reliable or not, but I didn't have to wait long for a replacement. The serial number of the Treo falls in the range of the known battery issue which I assumed was fixed duing the update.

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