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    Hey everyone...

    I have a cust here setting up a 25 line deal w/ Treo 650's.

    :menu: They are district mgrs and will need a program that will access there emails and save Attachments to a SD card & delete the ones they dont want.

    :menu: Another thing... Is there a program that you can open attachments or excel or word and send it Via Bluetooth to a printer w/ a Bluetooth Hub?

    :menu: What is the best email program out there for Pop3 & Enterprise Server...???

    THANKS FOR All you hard work and help!!

    - Jim
    Sprint TSR...
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    Are you a BSP? Should you be more familiar with this stuff (saying more out of jealousy...a 25 line deal would be a nice little check)

    1) Attachments not an issue, just get SD cards
    2) not sure about the BT printer, but it should don't believe there is such as thing as a BT hub.
    3) Email - depends, are they using Notes, Exchange, what?
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    Nope sorry just a Senior TSR...

    Being that I own a Treo 650...

    - Now for the Bluetooth, what is there that I can plug into a computer and remote from that PC?? Guess "hub" was the wrong word...

    Now saving Attachments onto a SD card is there a certain program or no?
    -> I have read about programs that you download to be able to copy to SD cards... MONEY isn't a option "so they said"!! LOL
    They use Outlook XP Pro... So they told me...

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    Tell ya what, let me broker the deal (I am a BSP)

    If the printer has BT, nothing should be needed on the computer.

    Outlook XP doesn't tell me a whole lot...does it tie to Exchange? Or just a pop3 server (non exchange). If it is exchange, they might want to look at Goodlink as an option to share contacts, calendars, etc.

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