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    I already mentioned this in the Software section as a reply to "Any Financial App Suggestions?", but wanted to get the word out.

    A PocketQuicken buy cycle recently started on that ends Saturday (or when full)
    Only takes 12 more people to get the price down to $22.95, which gets the price down to something reasonable and very competitive with other apps that probably aren't as nice (at least for those of us die-hard Quicken users who are not about to invest in a change to something else).

    It says it syncs with Quicken '99, but I contacted Landware and there is only one version, so it must also sync with Quicken 2000. I believe I read somewhere that they are also improving it this Spring and registered users will get the update free. Don't know that I want all my data downloaded to my Visor due to memory (4-5 yrs of data), but that will be available. Not positive about the free update, but the current version sounds really nice, other than the retail price.

    An entry tool that allows you to enter your expenses when you have them, categorize them, etc. and then seamlessly updates desktop Quicken, and downloads account balances to your Visor. I understand that when you sync, it stores the data and it is automatically entered into desktop Quicken when you open it up. No need to manually import files, etc.

    In early January (which I read in mid-January), some people on this site had some coupon codes for and about 80 people ordered PocketQuicken, I assume mostly from this site. I tried to get in that cycle and it closed early due to being full. Those coupons are expired now, but where did they come from (previous purchases or just promo?) and does anyone have any others???

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    According to, coupon code "SIXLOVE" will get you 20% off at


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    Thanks, Dan. Never heard of that site. Interesting.
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    it's such a great deal!!! This is a very very useful software for organize your expensee. The company is offering free shipping. With the code "sixlove", it only cost $21 to purchase it compares to $40 plus shipping from the company itself.

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    I received an email this morning... the max number of buyers has been reached and the cycle has closed. The final price (without a coupon, missed that one, damn!) was $22.95. Not too bad a price!

    Phil Frank
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    It looks like they opened another cycle that will end on monday!

    Originally posted by frankp:
    I received an email this morning... the max number of buyers has been reached and the cycle has closed. The final price (without a coupon, missed that one, damn!) was $22.95. Not too bad a price!

    Phil Frank
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    Has anyone used this service? Is it reliable? Any problems with

    Thanks for any input!


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    I actually had a problem getting my order in, which ended up being a problem with my ISP (ATT@Home), I think, and not Accompany (was wondering if they were being attacked by the hackers), but I sent Accompany customer service an email and they called me today at work to follow-up and were extremely nice. So they sound pretty good.
    And I like the looks/simplicity of their site over the well advertised Mercata. (I originally read about Accompany in a Time article, I think).

    Anyway, in the PocketQuicken cycle that finished last night(another filling up right now), I noticed that they do count the people "Saving a Spot" at the lower prices toward the final drop (vs. just adding on after the final drop is earned by the gutsy people). So you could stack up at the low end and nobody buys unless it fills up the cycle on that end (maybe need one gutsy person to start the cycle out at the high price, don't know). Actually, that strategy would really only be a big deal on larger price tag items where the price drops could be a lot more than $2.

    So a site like Accompany combined with the power of this discussion group...
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    Great tip on I had thought about splurging for pocketquicken for awhile and this sealed it. The group is open until next monday.
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    I bought one back when the $20 off coupon was posted.. I think I paid about $6 total for it.

    I never use it, however, as you can't do anything with it. Honestly, the way it is now just sux. I'm waiting for the new version to come out.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "can't do anything with it". I understand you can use it as an entry tool for Quicken, which is a huge benefit (but why at $40 it's ridiculously expensive for such a small feature... wish I could have gotten it at $6). I've heard it will also download your account balances (as long as you open up the desktop version so that it can 'accept' the entries from PocketQuicken) which would be nice, but not a big seller. Do these things not work?!?

    One of the major reasons I bought the Visor was so I could update Quicken on the go. This will save me the entry time when I get home (and had weeks of receipts stacked up) and improve tracking overall for the things I forget. I can use time at stop lights, standing in line, etc. to enter purchases I've made that day, so this is true time savings that I would otheriwse have to spend sitting at my computer at home. Then I only have to get into desktop Quicken for reporting, which should be more accurate now.

    Of course, my original hope was that the built in Expense function would talk to Quicken some how, being the most popular personal finance software, but no dice. (Don't know what they were thinking, but that little piece of programming seems to me to be extremely useless.)

    I understand the newer version will allow you to download your registers to your Visor, in addition to the account balances. That would be nice, assuming they let you put some parameters around it, like maybe only get these accounts and then only go back 6 months or a year. I don't think I would want years and years of data filling up my memory. Even so, I don't see a tremendous amount of value in doing that (some yes, but entry is 90%). It's not like I have a need to do adhoc reporting while I'm out. I take that back, it would be nice, but I wouldn't expect it from a PDA. Many times when looking at reports, I would like them printed anyway.

    So does the current version not do what I've described? Or do you just have a great need to have reporting on the road and you want all data downloaded? Either way, how can you not find value in being able to enter expenses while they happen versus saving them for at home?

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