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    I would love to have a hybrid headset -- but I want one with a boom mike, not the little mike pod on the cord As far as I can tell, such a thing doesn't exist.

    Or maybe I'm just basing this on my experience with obsolete technology. I used to have a Treo 300, and I just used the in-the-ear headset that came in the box. When I was driving in the car (fair amount of wind and engine noise), my wife could never hear me unless I practically put the little microphone pod in my mouth. Which wasn't much easier to do than just hand holding the phone.

    My 300 broke under warranty, so Sprint gave me a 600 (I was soooo disappointed that they were out of refurb 300s...not), which of course wont work with that old headset.

    Can someone tell me that the Seido or Palm hybrids actually work in a moderately noisy environment and I don't need to hold out for a boom?

    Of course, the other reason a boom would be nice is then you could make a retractable that wound all the way up to the earpiece, instead of having 12" of earpiece cord flopping around on the other side of the microphone pod.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    does anyone know if the hybrid treo 650 headet would work on the treo 600? if not why?
    I just got my hybrid 650 phones. (Don't have the 650 yet -- like my priorites?) The jack has three bands. The jack on the Seidio 2in1 I have for the 600 has two bands. I'm guessing they were addressing the difficulty many vendors were having in producing hybrid sets. The impedence detection that was used with the two bands I suppose was too iffy.
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    that is strange. my seidio has only 2 bands and it sounds great with the 650 as long as I don't move it around. I may be trying the hybrid headphones soon. Sick of all the "junk" that I have to carry around
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