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    I am sure I have read multiple times that P1 is planning to introduce the whole family of Treos. P1 CEO (Bradley) mentioned they are planning to have a good, better and best Treo model. I wonder which one will be next..

    Are they going to introduce a low-end model, basic Treo? Making it the good one and T 650 the Best one?

    Or are they going to introduce a new model that would fit in the Best Treo description? If so, I wish I knew. I would safe myself the upgrade to T 650 and all the related hassle and stick to my T 600 till the next model.

    Who knows?
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    The 650 is not the end of the technology evolution
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    if the 650 is the best they can do then P1 is in trouble. With all the issues the 650 has relative to the 600, they're going to have to make the 650 their "Good" model in the lineup. If not, it doesn't seem to me that P1ls Treo line will survive for long with all of the Pocket PC advances
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    From listening to the speech I did not get a good, better, best from it. I got different phone for each market niche. A Bling, a geek and a business (not their words) and when asked more specifically, by me when this was occuring, it didn't sound like it was any too soon.
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    1 to 2 years away, assuming there is a demand from their carriers.

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