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    There doesn't seem like there has been a discussion on this topic for a while. I currently use TealLock for my Treo 600, but it is a little buggy and I don't like how I seem to get my default system sign in screen rather than the TealLock screen from time to time.

    I ran a number of searches, and the most popular alternative seems to be Onlyme. However, that program hasn't been updated in a while, and I always worry that a small-time developer may simple abandon the project.

    What do you use? TealLock, OnlyMe? Default lock? Another program?

    I would like it to be reasonably secure, and allow easy entry using the the Treo Pad. TealLock has served me well, but I wonder if there is something better.

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    How about mSafe from MotionApps? Will this do what you need?

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