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    Well...after having the antenna/humming problem, my Treo 600 (still under warranty) was deemed to be replaced. I called in to PalmOne Support on 12/16, I was told to expect it in 1-3 days...called in 3 to check, it was pushed out another 3....called in another 3, it was pushed out a week....this goes on for several calls.... I called in yesterday and I was told it is shipping on the 4th (today) and that they could give me a tracking number. I reluctantly (with good cause) call in today and was told that it should ship by the end of next week For the second time, I ask for a supervisor....who does nothing for me, tells me "No" and has NO authority. My issues was "look - I understand there is a backlog, but thats not a good answer to me, especially given everything I've been told, and the mis-information I've been given. I know there is stock at PalmOne the online store. Send me a replacement unit from that inventory". It's not like I'm just without a PDA...I have NO phone!! I'm then told to call PalmOne corporate relations. I do...and the guy I spoke to also had NO authority. So, basically, I have NO phone and I'm at PalmOne's mercy until they get around to shipping me one. Oh, but the good news is that I'm prioritized on the list (B.F.D.). I have never seen a more broken or ineffective process to replace a warranty item with a manufacturer. Express exchange stock should take priority and always be available. I give PalmOne's rating as a manufacturer that cares about their customers after the sale and implements processes to support that idea a big fat: N O
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    I've never dealt w/ Palmone but sprint has been awesome to me !!
    I'm typing this on my T600 that Sprint gave me as a replacement for my T300
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