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    Ok, I'm starting a new thread to discuss the mysterious battery drain that is currently being discussed as part of the ROM hacking thread.

    Here is my story:

    I'm running the original faisal test build with no other ROM modifications, along with the palm bluetooth update, and many many apps. I recently noticed that my battery was draining rapidly, and measured it at about a 5% drop per hour!!!

    Voice Memo had been mentioned in concert with this problem, and I had recently installed Voice Memo, so I decided to remove it and see what happened. Unfortunately, removing it did not seem to resolve the problem.

    My next step was to do a hard reset *without* restoring any apps and *without* altering any settings. Fortunately, this seemed to cure the problem.

    This leads me to believe that it is definitely a software conflict of some kind.

    My next step will be to systematically add and remove apps until I can figure out what triggers the behavior.

    If anyone else has any information they can share, please do.
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    Could it be the Dun patch perhaps?
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    Nope. I've never used the Dun patch, ever.

    I just restored from my oldest backup (about a week ago) and the problem is gone. Whew! That gives me a great baseline to work with, and rules out most of my apps.

    One thing I noticed during the restore was that it had trouble restoring the Bt* files, which I assume are the palm bluetooth carkit update. I wonder if that could be the problem... I'll continue testing...
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    Perhaps there is more than one problem people are seeing but both involve BT. The DUN patch and the BT patch from sprint.
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    Well, I just re-installed the bluetooth carkit update (along with a full restore from my ~1 week old backup), and things still look fine. No strange battery drain. I even have "allow wakeup" enabled in the bluetooth preferences.

    Even stranger- I made one final backup, right before I started restoring from earlier backups. At the time that I made the backup, the system was experiencing the strange battery drain. I restored from this "bad" backup and I am no longer seeing the battery drain. I even re-installed the palm bluetooth carkit update! Now I am confused!

    For those of you experiencing battery drain issues - Try doing a backup (I used BackupMan), then a hard reset, then a restore, then (if you want) re-install the palm bluetooth update. See if that fixes it...

    If that doesn't work - try removing Voice Memo and/or MIDP (Java) before doing the backup (I removed both), then hard reset, then restore, etc...

    Well, my problem is gone (for now.) Hope this info is helpful to someone else.

    Oh, one more strange thing that I just started noticing: When I power down the phone, the light (normally flashing green) turns amber for about 1-2 seconds before the phone actually turns off. I've never seen this behavior before. Does anyone recognize it?
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    Amber light issue solved - Palm has a battery diagnostic utility for the 650 (it is available to registered developers). I was using it to measure the battery usage.

    Removing it (and soft resetting) made the amber light go away. Re-installing it made the amber light come back. Mystery solved. :-)
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    I don't think it is voice memo causing the problem. I am the one that post it here and have had it on my 650 since they came out. I have experienced no battery drain problems. I also used the DUN patch and have installed the Palm car kit patch. I too had trouble doing a restore with the bluetooth files. I guess I will have to reinstall the patch because it won't restore from my card.
    Mike G

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    Argh. The mysterious drain has re-appeared. And I haven't added or removed any apps since it was working fine! The only thing I did was make a few phone calls.

    I wonder if it is something that gets triggered during a phone call?

    The hunt continues...
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    problem started a few days ago.
    suspect the BTMute.prc but not sure.
    what tool do you use to measure drain?
    need to charge phone daily now.
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    no patches or roms installed... just plain stock plus btmute and a few apps like DA, splash, diet, etc...
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    funny that you mention btmute -- that was my current thought as well, since it is the only app that i am aware of that i am running that is triggered by a phone call...

    i just deleted btmute and i'm re-running my test (basically, leave the phone idle for 60 minutes and see what the battery drain is. good is 0-1%, bad is 4-5%)

    turns out i am running an old version of btmute (1.3) -- i just checked and the latest is something like 1.8 or 1.9. what version(s) are you running?
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    OK, no battery drain after removing BTmute. Hmm...

    I'm going to make a few phone calls (which seemed to trigger the problem) and then leave the phone unplugged overnight... I'll report back in the morning.
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    I am interested in your test result. did you reset after removing btmute?
    I am doing same as I don't need it any more since getting the 660 with jabra clear gel combo - btw best solution for low volume from bt. sorry for terseness as all my entries were done on treo.
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    i dont have BT mure...dont use a bluetooth headset and don't have btmure installed...and i never did. can this rule out BtMute?
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    I'm using BTMute 1.5, and I have noticed battery drain issues also. I used to be able to go a couple days between charges, and now I'm in the 'red zone' at the end of each day. I have the BT DUN patch installed, but 'Dial-up Networking' is turned off. I just turned off BTMute and will see how the day goes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mianesva
    I am interested in your test result. did you reset after removing btmute?
    I am doing same as I don't need it any more since getting the 660 with jabra clear gel combo - btw best solution for low volume from bt. sorry for terseness as all my entries were done on treo.
    I too have seen sporatic battery drain problems but I really don't think BTmute would be the cause. It is a very dormant application. It only reacts to incoming and outgoing phone notifications. It does nothing with the other more intrusive notification calls.

    I personally suspect BlueTooth system as the highest probability candidate. That is one of the main reasons I included the ability to turn off BlueTooth in my beta application ScheduleCare. I suppose there could also be something in the phone application that causes this behavior as well. As we all know it has many problems already.

    The signature I see when using BatteryGraph is a linear decay. The signature looks to me like the phone never turned off. So I suspect that somehow the screen is getting turned off but it never enters its true "sleep" mode. This can be done programatically but I can assure you that BTmute is not programmed in this manner. It could very well be that the phone app is not shutting down completely or is getting a signal at some random time that keeps it active.???

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    Quote Originally Posted by mianesva
    what tool do you use to measure drain?
    You can just click on the battery icon to see what percentage of charge the battery has.
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    mianesva -

    My procedure for removing BTmute was to delete the app (and remove related preferences, etc.) and then do a soft reset.

    I then made some phone calls (and received some phone calls) and then left it idle overnight. The battery drain was a minimal 3% after 8+ hours. Certainly not the 5% per hour that I was seeing yesterday.
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    Hello, I was the original poster on the battery drain in the other thread, but had been laid up in bed for 2 days with the flu... UGH.

    Ok, I have BTMute 1.1 on my phone - that is definately a common thread. I did have a period where I had the phone off for 8 hours with no battery drain, so that would align with the phone or Vision usage...

    But, as sh9854 pointed out, he doesn't have BTM installed, so it's unlikely (?) to be the cause. Just for grins, I'll delete it, backup and do a hard-reset to see if I can again recause the drainage...

    It does seem reasonable it's bluetooth related, as I know I've used bluetooth each of the times I've been able to duplicate the issue...
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    Jeff -

    I agree with your analysis -- when the battery drain occurs, it seems like the 650 is never entering "sleep" mode.

    My initial test shows that removing BTmute (v1.3) fixed the problem, but it's disappeared and re-appeared before, so I'm going to continue using the phone without it for at least 24-48 hours before I come to any conclusions...

    Perhaps one of the following scenarios is occuring:

    1. There is something in BTmute that (unintentionally) causes the CPU to keep running, even after the phone is "shut off."

    2. Something in the way that BTmute interacts with the phone app is causing the phone app to keep running, even after the phone is "shut off."

    3. Something in the way the "mute bug" works (perhaps just hitting the mute button twice?) is causing the phone app to keep running.

    I'm a professional software developer, but I'm new to Palm programming. I'd love to write a little app that could help us debug this - Is there an easy way to programmatically detect when the phone is shutting down and then look at the CPU usage and what app is using the CPU?

    Where can I get a copy of BatteryGraph?

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