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    I am an avid Treo 600 user on Sprint and really want to purchase the 650 however am reluctant to do so given all of the issues I've read about on these boards and other sources. The main issue of course is the memory problem -- while I do use a 1G card, I really don't want to be reliant on it to hold my contacts and appointments. I mainly use the card for my music. It also sounds like the phone application is slower than the application on the 600.

    Does anyone believe that Palm will come out with a new version in the near future that fixes these problem as well as other reported issues? I would rather wait if there is a high likelihood that Palm will shortly come out with a fix. If they do come out with a fix, what are the odds that they will offer the new version to current 650 users?

    Thanks in advance. I understand that nobody probably knows the answers to these questions for sure, but some educated 'guesses' would be helpful.
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    Seriously, the 650 is a great phone, when it works but if you are going to use it as your primary business phone then wait until it's stable. I picked a 650 up last week and it's just not ready for prime time. I'd bet in a couple of months it will be solid and ready for action, but today they should label it a beta release.
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    They will probably fix the problems faster if sales are soft, better yet, buy it and return it like I did (because of poor Phone Quality) and maybe they will start addressing the problems.

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