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    Anyone else read this announcement:

    About transfering Tivo programs onto your PC (sorry no Mac support ). So, of course the first thing I thought was viewing on my Treo. It's in Mpg2 format, so I would imagine you can view that file with MMplayer.

    I don't have Tivo, but if this is possible, it would be another selling point for me.
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    My bet is there is a rather draconion DRM scheme making Treo viewing a pipe dream.
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    Yup, I trust Tivo about as far as I can throw them.

    On the same vein, here's an interesting story from today:
    Orb's technology lets people access video, music or live TV on their home PC though anything with a Web browser--a cell phone, a PDA or a work computer, for example.

    I use a computer based PVR and a set-top appliance to get that content to the tv.
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    TivoToGo does use a DRM technique that makes in incompatible without an interim step. They do talk about integration comming with DVD burning software, and then you can RIP the programs off of it with something like Pocket DVD Studio.

    As for Orb Networks, it is somewhat misleading that it is compatible with ANYTHING with a web browser. Strictly speaking, it requires a browser, Windows Media Player or Real Player (and, no, the Real Player for Palm is not compatible because it does not do streaming media or video). Palm is not part of this club.
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    I wish I could stream shows from my computer (Snapstream's BeyondTV) like they can to a PPC. GRRRRR.
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    MMPlayer theoretically supports streaming Divx, but there isn't anything that does streaming, real-time video conversion.
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    A "hacked" tivo has a much better chance of converting to the Treo that TivoToGo. If you search for TyTool it will explain how it is done but I've never tried it.
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    I've gotten close using a hacked TiVo with TyTools, and by using tyget/tydemux/mplex/ffmpeg on my linux server. I'm having performance problems with tyserver though; when I ftp, the video starts to stutter.
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    Just to let you guys know, as noted on the Kinoma forums, Kinoma Producer can convert .tivo files with no problem. I got the same result myself last night.
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    I have TiVo (it is still my most prized electronics device . . . sorry treo600).

    Anyway, I have TiVoToGo. I have been able to use Dr.Divx to convert the .tivo files to Divx. They play great with MMPlayer on my Treo600. I even setup batch conversions. It only asks for your Tivo Play Password (not the MAK) on the first file.

    You do need to have the right codec installed. I think I am using the Elecard codecs - not sure though.... It just worked out of the box for me. Some people are having problems. Everybody thinks these problems are codec related. Get the right directshow filter chain setup and you are golden.

    (BTW - profile I used is mobile certified, high quality - I want to play around to tweak - audio is slightly out of sync - but it works).

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    Oh and as far as timing -
    1) Get the file from the TiVo box using TiVo Desktop 2 (It took about 20 mins per halfhour for me) - you can setup a batch transfer to occur over night. Worked great for me.
    2) Use Dr.Divx to convert to appropriately sized Divx file directly from .tivo file. Took about 15 mins on my machine with default settings - as I mentioned above, I want to tweak it a little so it may end up taking longer per show. Again, I did this as a batch processing. No interaction after entering the password on the first .tivo file.
    3) Transfer divx files to SD card. I used a card reader and a 256mb sd card. (if it was my 1gig sd card I would use CardExportII - If I put that 1gig card in a card reader - corruption city). The file size of each 1/2 hour program is between 35 - 50 mbs.

    Thats it. Its not tough nor is it 'hacking' 'cracking' or any other '' provided you don't distribute the files outside the home - keyword being distribute. You are likely not even breaking your Tivo agreement. This is no different than burning the DVD to play on your player. The violation would come if you distribute.

    (Which according to many sources, the TiVo ID is somehow locked into the file whether you transcode or not. I have no idea. But I do know that I was watching Alton Brown's Good Eats the other day while I waited in line. NOW THAT IS TiVoToGo!!!)

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    Can't wait to, if I could just get them to download the Tivo upgrade!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmets
    I have TiVo (it is still my most prized electronics device . . . sorry treo600).
    Same here! Tivo firmly in the #1 spot, but T650 in a solid second.
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    I am stuck with a Series 1 TIVO (Bought in summer 2001 with lifetime subscription). I wish I could transfer my lifetime subscription to a series 2. Anyway, I did upgrade it to 180 hours which is nice.

    So I am thinking of how I can convert AvI files from sagetv (computer based PVR) to mmplayer sized files (treo 650). I am wondering if switching to Beyond TV will make it easier to do that.
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    Since I wrote the post earlier about using Kinoma Producer, I have been experimenting some more. The only thing really annoying about the old method was the really bad aspect ratio, but still...

    1) Use the instructions at TiVo ToGo MPEG2 Decrypting to convert the file to true MPEG format.

    2) Optional: Remove commercials. I am still testing VideoReDo , and while I haven't mastered doing it all in 30 seconds, it does go pretty quick.

    3) Convert the resulting file with Kinoma Producer. Instead of a tiny box in the middle of the screen, it now plays full screen 4:3.

    Doing it in three steps may seem kind of cumbersome, but the first two actually are very quick. And the resulting Kinoma file does not take that long and is close to 1/10 the size of the original.
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    I built a windows xp media center edition 2005 HTPC machine for the family room. Its WAY better than a tivo and has no monthly fee. I can record any taped show directly to a DVD-R throught the interface that will play in any DVD player--NO DRM! It rocks! It has 2 tuners, a FM radio, can surf the internet and lots more.

    check out the forums on
    for lots of XP media center stuff.
    Visor Deluxe-->Treo 600-->650 cameraless-->700P-->755P cameraless conversion -->Treo 800W + Celio Redfly all on Sprint
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