I know a question was asked earlier about whether paying a premium for speed is justified. I wanted to know the answer to that myself, so I purchased an Ultra II 1GB Card, but they sent me instead an Extreme III. Now, palmone has mentioned that the Treo cannot take advantage of the high speeds of an Extreme III card. Could that somehow translate into a performance hit?

Tests were run on a CDMA Treo 650 using VFSMark and CardSpeed. No launchers were running at test time.

The cards were formatted on the Treo 650 by going to Card Info, Menu->Format.

Toshiba (PNY Labeled) SD256:
"Card Speed is Very Poor Not Recommended"
32bitWrite: 9 bytes/sec
8KBWrite: 16161 bytes/sec
8KBRead: 2621440 bytes/sec

Sandisk Extreme III 1GB SD Card (SD01G):
"Card Speed is Excellent Use any record setting"
32bitWrite: 438 bytes/sec
8KBWrite: 231985 bytes/sec
8KBRead: 2621440 bytes/sec

Can anyone try to explain these results? I ran the last test a several times (very similar values throughout), the read speed never changed. It is the same exact number as the Toshiba 256MB Card. Limitation of CardSpeed or the Treo?

I would like to post these benchmark results to this benchmarks site, but perhaps I'm doing something wrong here. The Ultra IIs and 32x cards have VFSMark Results in the 600s. The write speed got a nice bump. Maybe this card is geared in that direction, seeing as they're marketing it at hard core photographers (perhaps write speed tweaked).