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    I'm trying to keep my internal memory usage down and keep as much as I can on the SD card. I see two files, in particular, that keep eating away at my 650's memory. I use the ZLauncher icons to show me how much of my memory is available.

    One is NetFrontLib, that has been discussed on these boards and folks say is only in ROM and tagged to Blazer (which I hardly use and always clear my cache and cookies on exit, but it seems to be bigger than others talk about on the Threads)

    The one I'm most concerned about is PlatLibLog. In just 3-4 days, it has grown from 1266K to 1375K! Eeep!

    As for what it could be tagged to, I use ZLauncher, DateBk5 and VeriChat (very cool) often, but the biggest suspect is Extended Systems' OneBridge (necessary to connect to corporate Exchange/Outlook). I have put a question to Extended, but wondered if any of your gurus had seen PlatLibLog before?


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    Converting it to a text file, I was able to read some of it on my PC (it gets backed up with the HotSync). Does any of this make sense to anyone? Thanks.
    PlatLibLog m* a W@ 655,  A/A0
    DATABENK  @ @ @ .@ Z@ @ 3187775821 [13:17:01] Push Library (11/30/2004 11:28) installed
    3187776024 [13:20:24] Push Library removed
    3187776024 [13:20:24] Push Library (11/30/2004 11:28) installed
    3187776030 [13:20:30] Push Library removed
    3187776079 [13:21:19] Push Library (11/30/2004 11:28) installed
    3187776079 [13:21:19] Push Library removed
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    One thing i saw may be interesting for you:

    In the file platliblog.pdb there is an entry each time there was a soft reset
    indicating which application was running at this time.

    3209474215 [16:36:55] Push Library removed
    3209497232 [23: 0:32] RESET - Last app launched was ScientificCalc at 22: 1:56 on 9/13/2005
    3209497232 [23:00:32] Push Library (8/31/2005 13:59) installed

    Of course this must not always be the reason for the soft reset
    but perhaps one step when searching weird reset constellations.

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    it's definitely a OneBridge file. I've noticed it too since I started using it. Have you tried deleting it to see the consequences?
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    I delete it periodically on my Treo. No negative effects noticed. It will be rebuild with lower size.

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