Unfortunately I read this thread AFTER purchasing my G2. I'm quite unhappy with Bluetooth, and I'm realizing maybe it's my headset.

One of the big 3 reasons I bought a 650 was for bluetooth. After using the G2, I'm wondering if that was a good choice (bluetooth, that is, I'm happy with the 650). My G2 pairs fine with the phone, and works well in terms of powering up, answering calls, etc (save the P1 volume issue). But the quality while I'm on it is causing several complaints from the people I talk with. In some cases I can't get 5 feet from my phone without significant static. In other cases I get constant static. I've eliminated 2.4 ghz interference, but still have poor quality.

I'm willing to try again, but at $50 - $100 a pop, I won't do this more than once. I bought my G2 from TC, so if I want to try a Moto 820, or an HBH660, where should I get it?