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    my 650 used to scroll through all the program categories if i hit the program 'home' button - it stopped doing this, any idea why? i cant find any settings to change this .. it just stays on the All category unless i touch the screen and pull down the category selection .. weird.
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    This happens when you install a 3rd party launcher and dont remove it properly. Easiest thing to do is reinstall the launcher you were using and then use it's built in uninstall feature. That will fix it, I've done what you did prolly 5 times before

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    i did have zlauncher installed perviously and it crashed and required a reset .. i will look into reinstalling it and not crashing so i can uninstall properly hopefully! thanks for the info .. i just ran Filez to see if i saw any remaining stray files from zlauncher but dont see any i can identify ..

    what kind of turbo ya got? i just put in an ihi vf34
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    i reinstalled zlauncher and it fixed the problem.
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    There are a lot of apps out there. Some freeware apps are probably not tested enough and can have ill effects on the normal everyday view of the average user.

    I'm not a freeware happy user. I prefer to pay a small price for a good app that does not cause problems. I do have filez installed, though, and it is pretty good freeware app. So, I'm not blasting ALL freeware.

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