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    Has anyone heard of doing this? I want to eliminate my businesses' land line. Can a second phone number be added to my Treo 300? Would I be able to tell which of the two phone numbers is ringing (personal number vs. business number)?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $it$'$s$ $one$ $number$ $per$ $phone$.
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    What you can do is use an 800 number that forwards to the number you indicate. With our's (, the caller id indicates that the number is forwarded from the business line.

    Not exactly what you were looking for, but a means of making it occur.
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    Treo are not dual nam phones AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK
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    Interesting solution! Do I understand correctly you have done this and it worked well? Is this what you described?
    I put an 800 toll free number on my business'land line.
    Have the phone company automatically forward it to my Treo.
    Then, using my Treo and Jabra handsfree wireless headset I am free to move anywhere my Sprint service works.
    Can I do that with my current business land line? Or does it have to be a toll free line to get the phone company to forward?
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    I would imagine traditional call forwarding would work.

    The advantage of the set up we have is that you can still use the business voicemail. Plus there are other options. For example, you can set times for calls to be forwarded to a phone or forwarded to voicemail or to a voice response system.

    I don't know if the line has to be toll free. Some provider probably does the same <
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    service with local numbers.
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    Currently I have calls forwarded to voicemail, then I get an SMS notification when a new message is left

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