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    Hey All,

    Just got my first ever treo at comp usa last week. I only have one proplem.
    The thing locks up after the led turns green from red when charging. It will not soft or hard reset. The only way I can get it to respond is to remove the battery. Once I reinstall the battery it works fine again. I have hard reset it a couple times, but this has not resolved the problem. It's new out of the box and I have not loaded any software on it.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well, No one replied so I just exchanged it at CompUSA without any proplems.
    They called Sprint and had my phone number transfered to the new phone. Phone works fine. I will let you know if I have the same problem. It is charging right now.
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    The new Treo has charged up fine. It did not lock up when the led turned green from red. Hope everything else works.

    Since I am new here could someone please reply, just to make me feel better.

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    Glad to hear they got everything fixed up for you.
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    Hope the new Treo works out. Lord knows that once you start installing apps, that lock up problem will seem like a cake walk.
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