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    Quick question:

    Has anyone tried to use Quickwriting? In case you haven't heard of it, its found at:


    I should have probably stated, but Quickwriting is an alternate to Graffiti for text input. It allows one to enter text without lifting the stylus from the entry area.


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    Wow, very cool. There was a thread here a while ago asking if there was any shorthand for the Palm OS but nobody knew of one.

    I just installed this and it looks promising. Of course if means learning a new language but with a little practice it shouldn't take long, and it's easy enough to switch back and forth between it and graffiti.

    I wasn't too impressed with the recognition when I first installed it, but after attaching the template recognition went to nearly 100%.

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Originally posted by bregent1:
    but after attaching the template...
    Where did you get the template? How did you attach it? Many questions...

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    It's part of the release notes at:

    Print it onto a transparancy cut it out, and slide it under the case in the graffiti area.

    Also, I should take this opportunity to correct my earlier statement about shorthand. It's really not a shorthand language in which you would use symbols to represent whole words. But it does seem promising as a way to input characters faster than graffiti.
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    Is it possible to load quickwrite so that only the text side of the graffiti input area is converted to quickwrite, but the numeric side stays with graffiti (or in my case, keypad hack, which I prefer the most)?
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    I don't think so but you could email the author and request it.

    I've been practicing with QuikWriting for a couple of days now (probably a total of 2 hours) and I'm about 80% as fast as I am with graffiti. But I know this will improve with more practice. It's not for everyone as it takes some dedication to master, but I can see that it may be twice as fast as graffiti once it becomes second nature.

    BTW, if you don't have good recognition using the template, try repositioning it. I have a Palm IIIx and it works best when positioned slightly up and to the right (about 1/16 inch in both directions). It is definitely position sensitive.

    Give it a try, it's free!
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    I just visited the authors website and see that he as released version 2.1.

    I downloaded it and it appears to resolve the offset problem I mentioned above. It also add an indicator that lets you know exactly what zone your stylus is in.
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    Out of curiosity, which template are you guys using on your visor? The only ones available are for PalmPilot, Palm III, and Palm V, I believe. Did you have to modify any of them to get them to work?

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    Well, I've got a Palm III so that's what I'm using. But it should be easy enough to try any template and see how well it is calibrated by observing the zone indicator in the lower right side of the screen. On my Palm, the templace covers the graffiti area outline perfectly.

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