Hi Everyone,
I had to reinstall my Palm desktop software and it asked me to plug in and synch the Treo. I did this and the sync completed successfully, then the install software had the NEXT button to push after you have syncd. When I clicked Next it said the sync was unsuccessful.
Meanwhile, my phone said it was now necessary to reboot and when I did it went into a continuous reset loop.

I read on PalmOne's web site that this can happen if you synched twice from the desktop software and it said which files to delete to correct it but none of the Checker*.* files or Updater.exe exist on the machine at all.

I can create a new account and get it to work fine but I cannot get all my old programs and configurations to take without getting stuck in that loop again. I tried migrating all my backup files into a new account but it misses a lot of my old settings/configuration, etc.

Any idea on how to get my original profile working again?