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    Has anyone else seen this problem, or is it just my phone ?

    I tried handwriting recognition programs and drawing programs on my Treo 650. None of them seem to work very well. I am lost with handwriting recognition.

    The resolution of the digitizer seems to be very poor. For example, when a circle is drawn, at normal writing speed, only about 7 straight lines will make up this circle, so it will have jagged edges. On the Treo 600 and the other Palm PDAs, you get nice smooth circles. The resolution of the digitizer is way down, even though the resolution of the screen has doubled.

    I contacted tech support and they told me that they will forward this to the device manufacturer.

    If it affects all the Treo 650s, then really there is no point in buying this phone. For me, the only thing that sets the Treo apart from other phones is the touch screen and the programs which use the capability of the touch screen. I am going to return this phone, and wait until this is fixed.
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    RETURN IT. It's simple. Don't like it? RETURN IT.
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    I think this may be due to the rather wide tip of the stylus that comes with the 650. You might want to try a stylus with a thinner tip just to see if that's indeed the case, although this might make it more prone to scratches.
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    I think this may be a problem with some of the units.
    I noticed the problem initially on mine when playing bejeweled as it seemed on certain parts of the screen my selections would not register correctly.
    I suspected something weird was going on so I installed NotePad. As a previous Tungsten T owner I was used to using NotePad to check for digitizer "drift"(calibration loss) that was quite common on that unit.
    In notepad I have noticed that if i draw a smooth line that it will not represent correctly on screen. I quite often get straight portions where it should be curved and I also get a lot of "spikes" where the line "jumps" unexpectedly.
    I don't think this is common w/ all 650s as I heard too many people talk about NotePad as working perfectly.

    I am planning on exchanging my unit because of this, I've just been holding off waiting on sprint/palm to fix the voice quality problem.
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    I noticed the spiking problem too, and tried to investigate a bit. For those who don't have NotePad, you can take a picture and then draw on it for testing purposes. I've only seen vertical spikes, never horizontal ones. The easiest way I found to measure the severity is to press the stylus on the screen and hold it steady, and watch the vertical lines jump out from it over 10-15 seconds.

    I exchanged my first unit because of this, and the replacement had the same problem. I also tried a demo model in a Sprint store, ditto. So, I figured it must be a common defect.

    Then, I played around with recalibrating the Touchscreen. I found that sometimes, after recalibrating, the spikes were smaller, or almost entirely gone (usually takes 4 or 5 calibration/testing cycles). Unfortunately, they seem to come back after a while -- I'm not sure what triggers it (maybe soft reset?). So, I'm optimistic that this is a software bug that will (eventually) get fixed. But, it could be erratic hardware :-(. I'm certain it's not the stylus tip.

    Regarding the issue with circles coming out as polygons, that must be a software problem with how often the touchscreen is sampled. Maybe some wizard out there can work up a patch that increases the sampling frequency?
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    I am having the exact same problems as those above. Notepad renders very imperfect drawings or writing compared to my Tungsten and certain characters are just not recognized by Graffiti Anywhere no matter what I try. This could be one of the major design flaws of the 650.

    You would have thought Palm could have at least gotten this to work w/o any problems as this capability has been a staple of PalmOS since Day 1! Hopefully it can be fixed with a software patch??? You wonder if they kept Note Pad and any Graffitti software out of the basic OS build because they knew of the problems???
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    How many of you folks are using screen protectors? I've noticed this problem too, and agree that it seems to get better for awhile after I recalibrate the screen. Mostly the only problem I have is occasionally, when I try to change Folders in the Application view - I get the wrong one and have to try it again....
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    hence the reason why there is no notepad installed from the factory.

    just my 2cents
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsc777
    For me, the only thing that sets the Treo apart from other phones is the touch screen and the programs which use the capability of the touch screen. I am going to return this phone, and wait until this is fixed.
    Sorry you're disappointed. I returned my T650, but not because of the touch screen, but rather the lack of support by Sprint and PalmOne.

    Most Palm and PPC phones have touch screens, with the exception of the Moto MPX220 and the Audiovox SMt5600, that I know of.
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    I agree that screen protectors tend to inhibit the ability to be precise with the stylus.
    I work better without the screen protectors.
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    The 650 has definitely crippled the smoothness of the recognition. It is one of those things that could be fixed in an upgrade of the ROM. Also, if you notice, sometimes one has to be pretty heavyhanded in order for the screen to register something.
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    I've seen it since day one with no screen protector, so that's not it. This was the only disappointing thing for me with the 650.
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    No significant input here other than to confirm what other people are experiencing: I use BugMe to jot notes to myself all day long and it is horrible with the Treo650. I tried installing the Tungsten Notepad app and Diddlebug as reference points; they are all equally bad. My circles look like stop signs and lines will strokes will drop off with the jagged jumps described above.

    Tapping on buttons in other apps often doesn't register the first time or selecting menu options often grabs the adjacent option even though I am trying to be deliberate in my pointing and have taken care to recalibrate the digitizer.

    My theory was that it had something to do with background processing, since it seems worse when I suspect VersaMail is doing its periodic AutoSync to fetch or check for messages. Maybe it has to do with the way the memory system has to manage information for NVFS?

    I'm really hoping PalmOne is going to blow us away with a multi-point ROM update to take care of the several significant issues I deal with each day and read about on this forum. They are sooooo close to having a wonderful device; so close and yet so far, as they say.
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    I just gave my Treo 650 the spike test by drawing on a photograph. And sure enough it has the problems that have been identified by others, spikes and curves that are not smooth. I then held my stylus steady and noticed that the spiking seem to occur at regular intervals. Not quite in sync with the flashing green light indicating phone service but pretty close. So I turned off the phone and the spikes almost disappeared. They are still there but minuscule in comparison to when the phone was turned on. In my opinion is definitely a software issue and is related to phone service. Could it be that it has trouble cycling through checking phone service and checking the digitizer at the same time?
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