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    I have been using Gmail and Snappermail together and they work well except for one problem. No matter what I do, I get all messages on both the PC and the Treo. If I delete a message from the PC Gmail inbox and latter access Snappermail, the message appears. If I use the "j" command on Snapper to junk an email, it still appears later on the PC. Previously, if I deleted from the PC inbox the message would not appear on Snapper and if I junked a message on Snapper it would not appear on the PC. Any help?
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    This is not a snapper issue, but an issue with Gmail's POP implementation. I've sent them several requests to fix it, hopefully others have as well, cuz yeah, it's a little annoying.
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    I have a different problem. I have setup snappermail to delete a message from GMail when I move it to trash.

    but, GMail deletes "some" of the messages from the server even if I dont move them to trash on my Treo.

    It happens about 60% of the time. Inconsistent. any thoughts?

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