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    I emailed tech support at Cardo Systems about the whole REDIAL/MUTE thing... this is what they had to say:

    Thank you for contacting the Cardo Systems Support Center regarding our
    products. The Cardo team takes great pride in maintaining a "working"
    relationship with many of our customers, and a significant part of our
    product design has come about as a result of our ongoing dialogue with
    customers such as yourself. We therefore welcome your query and encourage
    you to continue talking to us in the future.

    With certain headset/phone combinations, the Mute command may instead be
    either answer call waiting, or call hold. If this is the case, you may use
    the mute function on the phone. As far as the redial function, this does not
    work with the Treo 650.

    Please feel free to contact us if we can assist with any other questions.

    Best regards,

    Cardo Systems Support

    Hmm... interesting considering the fact that redial DOES in fact work (so long as my Treo's screen is on)... but anyway, I guess there's no way outta this. Friends, if you're shopping for a Bluetooth headset and you have a Treo, the only special feature of the Scala is that it "kinda" redials. Other than that, it's pretty bare-bones. Good thing it works pretty well for everything else (in my case).
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    OH! And can I add another complaint?

    "WindGuard technology"?! What windguard technology? Even if my car's air conditioning is blowing on my face on low settings people have trouble hearing me.

    ... Again, folks... pretty bare bones.
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    I got a call from my wife this afternoon. She was returning my call. Since I didn't call her today, I was checking to see what happened and I found that I was accidentally redialing.

    Here is how my Scala and 650 Verizon 1.3 FW works.

    I press the multi function key (silver key).

    The keyguard is disabled and screen lights up. (this may not happen right away; 2-5 seconds of delay)

    I press and hold the multi function key again until you hear a beep. (you may hear a beep as soon as you press the button. Wait for the second beep. Around 3-5 seconds of holding the button)

    As soon as you hear a beep, release the button.

    It will redial.

    Sometimes the redial does not happen right away. sometimes it takes up to 5 seconds, for the redial to happen.

    Now how does one ignore a call with the headset?

    I have a pouch and I just want to ignore the call without getting the phone out of it.
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