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    so every time i try and send a pic i took wiht the 650 through versa mail it crashes? and does a soft reset? any ideas. the pic is on the card and not in ram. should that make a difference? thanks for all the help
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    this is driving me nuts, will snapper fix this or does snapper have issues like this?
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    ok so here is the fix i have figured out your have to to the picture with in the camera viewer adn go the the first drop down button and choose send the you will be good to go .. what a pain in my ***!! is snapper bettter at this?
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    I just tried it. I used my POP account set up in Versamail and attached a photo that was stored on my card. I hit send, and away it went. No problems.
    There is another thread that I read about versamail how sometimes you need to use Filez to remove the mmcache occasionally in order for versamail to function. I guess it's kind of like cleaning out your temp internet files and cookies on a pc. Do a search for it and I'm sure you'll find it.

    Good Luck.
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