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    I was in my car - someone was giving me phone number and other information. I couldn't pull out my stylus and write it using DiddleBug (great app) as I would normally. So I had them call back and leave me a message.

    Then I just tested something that worked and I'm sure there will be many uses for this!!

    I had already installed the Voice Memo software that came with the Tungsten and has been bandied about by various users here (Thanks!!). I have it set as my extra button command (the small button next to the volume rocker switch). While in the middle of a call - I went to Voice Memo and started recording. The thing records both sides of the telephone conversation. I haven't messed around with it much to figure how well it does in terms of quality & such but the darn thing records it!!!

    I Tested SoundRec (nice program too - but (a) it doesn't write a separate voice wav file ... you have to export it if you want that (b) it seems to have problems writing to my SD card and (c) most importantly it didn't work for this capability. It only recorded my side of the conversation.

    Maybe many of you knew this feature ... but I have a feeling a few of you will like your T650 more now than 10 minutes ago.

    Have fun.

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    SO it recorded the other persons voice (at the same volume level as yours) without being on speakerphone?
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    Can you post the PRC for that. I would love that feature!!! Where can i find it? Is it freeware?
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    I'm with you michael.
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    OK - the first recording was very short and seemed clear (but I was messing around so I deleted it and it was the tail end of a voice mail message that I was hearing).

    Then I tested it again and now it seems that it's only recording what's making it down to the mic. So my voice is definitely stronger.

    I still have to test speakerphone (when I get out of this coffee shop that I'm in right now).

    For my purposes - taking down numbers or directions while on a call, that's still OK - I can start recording and then repeat what my caller says thus making a recording.

    But perhaps it's not the "call recorder" that I initially thought it was. Sorry for posting so excitedly and prematurely. More testing before my next post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael82574
    Can you post the PRC for that. I would love that feature!!! Where can i find it? Is it freeware?
    You can find it HERE read the whole first page of the thread because there are 2 files you need for the app to function
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    for some reason it was working till i tried to make a call and record. Now when i hit play i dont even ehar any sound. Damn! Is anyone able to record a convo while talking on the phone? If so explain what your doing!
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    MANNNNN i hate the phone on mute wouldnt you know it! Anyhow it records both sides of the convo! WOW! Only thing is you can hear yourself good but the other side is real faint. And you its crackly on the playback
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    Thanks for the updates Michael. Good news.

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