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    I would have to definitely say my Call Log (PhoneCallDB). My Treo 600 stored this 10,118 record file in 659.11KB while the Treo 650 stores the same file as 5.25MB.

    Any similar experiences, I'm curious to know! :-)

    My Treo: Treo 650, Sprint CDMA. SW: 1.08, HW: A.
    My Plan: $105/mo for 2000 AT, Unlimited N&W starting at 7pm, Unlimited PCS to PCS, No Roaming Charges in the U.S., Unlimited PCS Vision, Unlimited SMS & PictureMail.
    My Stats: Using an average of 50MB of PCS Vision per month. 2,500+ photos in my PCS PictureMail account. Had a Treo 600 since 10/24/03, switched to a Treo 650 on 1/5/05.
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    My 3rd party contact management software that used to around 2.5meg is now 16meg. I had to apply a rather restrictive filter to even load it. My condensed file is now at 7meg and barely has the min contacts to make it useful.
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    For me it was also the Call Log. Went from 450KB to 5MB.

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