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    Not sure what's causing it, but they keep getting deleted. My phone will freeze up and then after I reset it, my sms messages are gone. The last crash I've had was was on 12/30 and it was the SMS stub, but I've had the freezing problems since then. Is it possible that maybe I have too many messages and it keeps doing that?
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    Same thing has been happening to me. Very frustrating! I don't know what's causing it - I have a total loss of all my messages after a soft reset. And then sometimes I go to send an SMS and I get a soft reset. The messages won't send!

    I called Sprint - they blamed Third Party applications. All I have is Snappermail, Directory Assistant, pTunes because of the tiny memory available on this thing. Gosh I hope this isn't permanently broken - I'm holding out hope for a PalmOne software update that will keep this device from being as flakey as it is now.
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    Just had this problem for the first time this morning . I had a reset then when I went to my messages nothing was there. I have back u man and I reinstalled it.
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    Happened to me today too for the first time. I don't have Agendus installed so I have no idea how or why!
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    What did you resinstall using backupman?

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