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    Whenever I put the Treo 650 cd with the desktop software in my comp and begin installing it will go directly to a screen an tell me it has been interrupted.

    I cannot install the software, what is it interrupting it, and how do I stop it?

    I have a AMD Athlon 64 bit comp, that can run all the moden games and any program imaginable, but I am getting issues with this. Windows is fully updated and so is install shield, what do I do?

    Please help!
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    Turn off your virus program and/or shutdown any background apps and try again.

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    I did all that already and it still didn't work... I basically have nothing else running. No adware or spyware or antivirus programs or anything...
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    PLEASE! No one has any ideas or know a place where I can download the software. This is ridiculous, I cannot use my Treo to the full extent !

    Please help!
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    did you uninstall any previous version (if any) of palm desktop?
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    Assuming you are running Windows XP,

    Click start then RUN, then type msconfig, then click ok.

    Now go to the services tab, check the little box that says "hide microsoft services" then click Disable all. Then exit and try to install it.

    I am not sure if that will help, but that will make sure you don't have ANY 3rd party stuff running in the background.
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    Yup, didn't work. Any other ideas or who to call? Anywhere I could dl it from the inet?
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    I really think its your PC not the disk. Try installing it on a different PC
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    No, I agree with you, it is my PC. I think it has to be the version of installshield I have installed. I'll try to update that!
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    Have you tried bypassing the "step by step" program, and just going straight to the CD, and running from the Palm Desktop folder?
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    Yeah I have, and I am wondering what to do.. This is really holding my treo experience back. Is there any place i can call about it?
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    Try booting into 'safe mode' and installing from there. Safe mode runs with bare minimum background apps and so is probably your best bet. HTH
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