I was visiting NYC over the Holidays from So California. Appears my Treo 600 kept crashing during the NYC trip from possible the cold weather? Don't know, but only appeared to crash while trying to use outdoors. Never crashed indoors. Maybe my Treo 600 only likes the weather in So California?

But, my main problem is using a 3rd Party application (Handheld MMR) due to an error code. I have used this 3rd party application for many years with no problem with several palm devices. I've had this current Treo 600 for over 1 year and never had a problem using this 3rd party application nor the continued outdoor Palm OS crashing. Since being back in So California I have not experience any more Palm OS crashes, but the 3rd part application keeps crashing.

Here is the Error Message:
Error Code: 5
Description: Invalid procedure call or argument
Soure: HandheldMMR

Searched many sites for help.

Could someone help?