View Poll Results: Did you cancel your current contract to get a Sprint Treo 650?

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  • Yes, I had to have it.

    5 33.33%
  • No, I am going to wait until my contract expires.

    3 20.00%
  • No, I am going to wait until my carrier releases the 650.

    7 46.67%
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    Am I crazy to cancel my verizon contract (6.5 months left) in order to get a treo 650?

    I'd be interested to see how many of you have cancelled your existing plan, eaten the penalty, and gotten the Sprint 650?
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    If you got the money to blow...why not. But what I would do is this:
    Verizon has an emergency plan (strictly for emergencies) that has like 15 minutes for $10/mo. They don't advertise for obvious reasons. Switch your plan to that for the next 6 months. So you're out $60 over the next 6 months instead of a one-time slap of $150.
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    But in the mean time I can't port my number
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    Don't think you are crazy. Sprint is much cheaper, and you will probably save at least $150 in that time. I would really love to switch to Verzion from Sprint since they are the only provider that works at the ski resort I got to (Mount Snow), but just can't justify how much more it costs.
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    I didnt cancel, I just flirted with the sprint customer service rep and she gave me a free upgrade from my broken 600 to a 650 ^_^.
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    I canceled my AT&T service plan. I was upgrading from a crappy old generation Sony Ericsson that was just a cell phone, nothing else. It was actually about the same price, when I bought mine it was - $369 + $175 or $449, but I had $350 from my previous Clie warranty so it didn't really matter...

    Sprint Treo 650

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    What phone do you have now? If you have a 600, then I say wait. The more I read about the issues people are having with the 650, compared to the fairly limited improvements (at least for the things I use my treo for), the more inclined I am to stay with my 600 until the NEXT model comes out (assuming it's not as poorly designed, built and implemented as the 650).

    I'm more and more convinced that for every improvement Palm made to the 650, they screwed something else up.
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    I don't think P1 screwed up the's just that with any new product there are bound to be some quirks. The reason people think they are troublesome is because people are more apt to talk about the bad things than they are the good. Also, the few people who post problems here about their new 650 make up probably 1% of the actual consumers who have purchased them. If you consider the amount of sales to the percentage of the problems posted on this forum, the 650 really is looking good.
    And of course P1 is aware of these problems and it's only in their best interest that they will release patches as they are developed.
    The only thing that separates the men from the the lessons they learn.
  9. tm4000m's Avatar
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    Well, I had a job move about a year ago, seems if a carrier has no coverage in your area, they will let you out of your contract. It appears Bangor Maine has the same cell coverage as the middle of the Pacific ocean, so they let me out of contract. No proof, no nothing, just "your last bill will reflect a $150 termination fee, and a $150 credit". Use this information as you see fit.
  10. jmm2004's Avatar
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    Well, I'm in NYC so coverage isn't an issue. I just need something that has better input than a standard keypad. I've got a Samsung A670 [with a cracked screen ] that, as a phone, works great. But I am someone who needs(?) an organizer. Reminders and notes entered on a keypad just don't cut it. The added bonus of internet and blue tooth all wrapped up into one package is what I've been waiting for. I guess I looking for more to go on than just the "I can afford it and I want it."
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    Had every Treo since Visor Phone since first release. Am I disappointed in what I have read about the 650, yes, but for $350 I will keep it til something that meets my needs better comes along. Holding out for GSM 650 for coverage, SMS speed and dependibility, data dependability, customer service and International roaming which I do need.

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