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    I've never done a review before so, this is going to be my first. I hope those that inquired about this combo will find this review useful.

    I had bought my A210 on ebay some time ago and ordered the AX from MixMaven from HoFo. BTW, he's very responsive. So, today, I got my AX. Yeah...I was so excited that I didn't even do the initial 8 hour charge. Matter of a fact, I used the same AC charger for the A210 on the AX since they are both BT chargers. It worked great.

    Pairing: It couldn't be simpler. All I did was held the power button on the AX until it flashed both red and blue. On the A210, I depressed the pairing button until the light was a solid blue. The fat lady sang a good song as it was over that quickly.

    Sound quality on my end: i didn't have anyone to test with so I used my home phone to call my cell. This is so ghetto but I played some MP3's on my computer speakers and left my phone next to it while trying to listen to the music on the BT headset. At first it was REALLY low. Maybe I should charge this longer than an hour. So, I went to play racquetball and got back in 5 hours. The sounds is significantly better as I raised the volume to the max. The negative part is that the volume buttons are not very responsive.

    Sound quality on the other end: I had to be the father of inventions once again. The A210 is GREAT: Tony the Tiger great. I just plugged the A210 into my home phone's earphone jack and it worked like a charm. Obviously, I used my home phone to call my mobile and left a message. The sound was clear and crisp. I can't believe how far the mic is from my mouth and it still was clear as Poland Spring water.

    battery life: Uhhh. I didn't put it to the test, yet.

    range: I have wifi @ home and it wasn't a big factor. Matter of a fact, I left my Treo /w the A210 in my room while I roamed my house with no problem. I didn't go upstairs but I was well beyond the 15 feet range.

    I hope that was useful.

    PS: I wanted to add that MixMaven is the best. While other sites are selling it for over $100, I only spent $30 (A210) + $77 (AX) = ... you do the math.
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    Thanks for the review Phong. I found that extremely useful. I wished someone posted this earlier so I wouldn't have been frustrated with all the wires in my car all this time. You're the greatest Phong. Keep up the good work.
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    Help me out here plz "Mixmaven" and "Ho Fo"? cannot find a website for either??
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    I may be wrong, but I think Ho Fo is "Howard Forums" - try to google that. I've seen it linked in threads on here before, too. I've heard mention of mixmaven, but I haven't been there personally.
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    LordPhong, I'm considering buying the A210, but I've got another purpose to use it: I want to try to use it as a wireless headset for Xbox Live. You may or may not know, but the plug for the standard xbox headset will also take most cell phone headsets. I tried my Treo 600 headset on it and it does work. I'd really like to be able to use the same bluetooth device for both my phone and for an xbox headset.

    Do you have access to an Xbox where you could possibly test your A210 / Bluespoon AX combo?
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    sorry whidden. I do have xbox but it's collecting dust right now. I even bought games for it recently thinking that I'd get a chance to play them but things have been hectic lately. So to answer your question, I don't know. The A210 is a standard 2.5mm plug, I don't don't know why it wouldn't work. I got it on ebay for $30. Not but to lose and if you don't like it, just recycle it in the ebay market.

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