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    I've got Sprint Business connection running on a machine in my office (dedicated just to syncing and business connection since my primary PC is a tablet).... the only problem is, it keeps crashing.

    Runs fine for hours or days, then locks up.

    Anybody have any experience with this?

    Win 2000, outlook 2000.


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    Mine's been rock-solid since I installed it 2 weeks ago. I'm also on Win 2000, but I am using Outlook 2003.
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    Are you using a VPN? Could that be losing it's connection and then causing BC to stop working?

    I am using Win 2000 and Outlook 2002, and this sometimes happens to me.
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    I use bc with Lotus notes via a vpn. I have had no problem with this last istall. My first install (on my laptop) was palgued with issues. When I went to a seperate desktop like you it worked great. That being said, try uninstalling on both pc and palm piece....delete reg entries on the pc and reinstall.

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