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    Has anyone notice any speed lowering when using RealPlayer (ver 1.6.0) after a few minutes of use. Still at %85 battery, seems like RealPlayer slowed down the files (or maybe my Wild Reggeaton beat is too much for 650? hehe). Any similiar experience? or anybody would know if a RealPlayer Software update would make it better?
    Bernie Jr.
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    Getting rid of RealPlayer and getting PocketTunes would make it much better.
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    1-How do you remove a program from Treo650? (like RealPlayer)
    2-PocketTunes play mp3? (sounds more like ringtones) where could I download it?
    Bernie Jr.
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    PocketTunes is an mp3 player and you can buy it from a number of sources that sell Palm software, including Handango. Here is a link to it on Handango:

    Don't just take my word for it. Download the trial version and see if you like it. Also, see what others on TreoCentral have to say about it.

    RealPlayer is in the 650's ROM, which means you cannot simply delete it. You can, however, reflash your 650 with one of Shadowmite's custom ROMs, which also include the voice quality and Bluetooth dial-up networking patches. For more on that, see this thread:

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