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    Quote Originally Posted by whmurray
    I am sitting here listiening to the members of the US Congress insult one another. It occurs to me that we should invite them to our comparatively civil discussion.
    next, your going to tell me that your a democrat---

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    First: I agree with noob about buying a product based on how many ratings it get, etc. People have different tastes and different expectations about almost everything. Go to a store that has a great return policy, usually with no questions asked returns. And/or borrow your friends MP3 player and do your own research. It may be a little time consuming but its better than any ratings system around. Besides, you can't really trust a ratings system, and you might just find that your taste in products are better, and something else may work just for you.

    Secondly: I was very disappointed with the Treo 650. Not that it wasn't a great upgrade to the 600, but because P1 was tauting it as NOT just an upgrade, but a whole different product; due to the new designed KB, screen res, BT, etc. Bottom line for me: If the Treo 650 is just an upgrade, it's great, but if it's suppose to be a "new" product it is a disappointment.
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    650 is great. I purchased an iPod for my son last Christmas, and an iPob mini for my wife this Christmas, but would not use one myself. The cost per GB is too high -- approximately $10, where most HDs are $1/GB.

    Whereas the 650 is a computer on-line, etc. The iPod is basically just an HD with a player. Mix the two together and then you might have something, but I still do not like the HD and would prefer 60GB of SD, someday.
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