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    I am a newbie awaiting the arrival of an IDX. I've been downloading software and reading various discussions on the very informative VisoCentral while my Visor creeps its way to my home.

    I would like to know any "Dos and Don'ts of
    Hacks" and the risk involved as well as any success stories and failures.

    So far I've learned that I need the HackMaster program to run hacks and HackDelete to remove them. I also need to deactivate a Hack before removal.
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    Yes, you do need HackMaster to utilize the hacks that you download. I was aware of HackDelete, although it is a great idea. I always used the built-in Delete app to get rid of hacks (command-D).

    The risks are many, from a hack working perfectly, to performing a hard reset and nuking all of your data. The payoff is the ultimate personalization of your PDA that makes you feel like the guy in the beer commercial that gets all the women (well, at least that's how the movie goes in MY head).

    With that said..........

    DO hotsync *before* you install any hacks, then install them and sync to add them to your PDA.

    DO backup your PDA before a new hack. Use the Backup springboard or a program like BackupBuddyNG. If you do a hard reset, you are stuck re-installing all those apps you found, if you can remember which ones you did, and if you did delete them from your PC.

    DO go into the hack config, if it has it (little plus sign on the right hand side). A lot of hacks have customizable features, and the defaults may not be your personal favorite.

    DON'T install more than one hack at a time. If something goes wrong, you will know what caused it.

    DON'T get frustrated. Soft resets are a way of life.

    DON'T give up on a hack you think you like (need?). Some hacks work fine on their own, but conflict with others. Try disabling the other hacks and only running one at a time at first. If it works, then add the others.

    And for a point of refernce, here are the hacks I use:

    MiddleCapsHack TealEcho
    TrekSoundsHack NoStreakHack

    Soul Raven - "Små hjerne, stor glæde"
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    just the overclocking (hack) part
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    Soul Raven,

    I saw your post about the hacks that yu use. Teal Echo is listed in the Visor Software Incompatibility List. Didn't encounter any problems using it?

    I would like to install it but am scared its gonna mess up my visor.

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    Aside from the essential Hackmaster, I have found SwitchHack, FindHack and MenuHack to be almost indespensible. Being a leftie, LeftHack also is very useful.
    FindHack is about the best searcher you've ever seen, finding names, etc. in any application almost instantly. SwitchHack is a kind of task manager, letting you go to any of the last ten or so applications you've used, again almost instantly. MenuHack does away with the "procedure" one has to go through to get a drop-down menu. LeftHack? Puts the scroll bar on the LEFT side of the screen, where it belongs! Hope this helps.

    Bob Brunson
    Charleston, SC
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    There is one hack that is indispensible for me: EVEdit Hack. It has replaced MenuHack and TealEcho (which had slowed down my PalmIII before I upgraded to a VDx). Plus, you get 10 levels of undo and clipboards, and drag-and-drop cut/copy/paste.

    I also use CaseToggleHack, ChronoHack, NoStreakHack, SafeHack, SwitchHack, FindHack, FastApp, Afterburner, and Uptime.
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    I, too, was nervous about hacks - but needed LeftHack, so searched for "Dos and Don'ts"... and found an article "HackMaster: key to a better PalmPilot" at

    It was written in April 1998, but is still good. Of course, there's the GREAT advice from Soul Raven above!

    I currently have LeftHack, and the Fitaly Hack installed (the Fitaly hack seems to work better than the non-hack version) - I love the Fitaly keyboard! No resets or disasters yet, so it's time to try more (one at a time, of course)!
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    I haven't check the incompatibility lisct is some time (maybe I OUGHT to...), but I have used TealEcho and the other hacks listed since I received my Visor back in November, and have had no problems. I hadn't noticed the slowing that visordoc alluded to above, but it has made curious enough that I think I will do some testing.

    Soul Raven - "Små hjerne, stor glæde"
    Wherever you go, there you are.
    The views and opinions expressed in this message are mine.....all MINE! And you can't have them! HAHAHAHAHA!
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    I wish that I could do a Vulcan Mind Meld with you guys to expand my knowledge. The second best thing is the discussions. I'll be able to add some of my experiences when my Visor gets here.

    Thanks for all of your posts and lets keep this thread going.
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    A few more hacks I wouldn't be without include several of the popup hacks - my most used are Popup Calculator Popup Note and Popup Favorites.

    Note and calculator are great for doing a quick memo or calculation without having to leave your current app. I especially like being able to copy/paste the calculator results into the current app.

    ScreenShot Hack I only have enabled when I'm going to use it as it does seem to slow things down but it's a great little program.

    I read somewhere that the order in which some hacks are installed also can affect performance - what I'd like to have is more specific info on that topic. Are there particular hacks that should be higher in the chain of commmand so to speak? If so which ones.

    The only hack I seemed to have problems with was switchhack - don't know if it was the hack or if it was conflicting w/other hacks. Problem was interemittent enough that I couldn't track it down. Just know that my unit ran better with it not installed. I don't have that problem with Popup Favorites.
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    Instead of HackMaster which is shareware, you can use the freeware EVPlugBase. It works the same/better than Hackmaster and is free to boot.

    I've used it for going on two months now with nary a problem.

    The hacks that I use:
    ClearHack - removes the underline from text entry
    AfterBurner II - over/under clock your Visor
    GreenLightHack - inverts the backlight
    PadLockHack - uses the hardware buttons as password entry to locked Visor
    LeftHack - Moves most scrollbars to the left
    NoStreakHack - improves visibility with greyscale apps and removes some sreaking
    Swipe - allows for use of seven different "swipes" of the stylus to launch programs
    Keypadhack - changes the number side of the graffiti area into a "keypad".
    MenuHack - allows you to hit the title bar of an app to bring up the menu
    CaseToggleHack - double/triple tap text to change case of letters
    Keyb+Graffiti - allows use of both keypad and graffiti at the same time
    eLook - auto lookup of words and text during text entry.
    App/DA Launcher - allows re-mapping of the silkscreen buttons to launch more apps, not just one.

    Best of all, all of these hacks and DA's (Desktop Accessories) are freeware.

    Most can be found on palmgear or on

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    Ditto on the DA comment. Go here:

    They're all small, mostly free and practical. CalCal is a great pop-up calculator (freeware). IRSwitch also good, even if you use the .i shortcut.
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    Thanks for all the input. I put in a lot of hours trying out "hacks and DA's" this weekend. I too would like to commend MiddleCapsHack -- it allows you to enter capital letters without a preceding upstroke. I'm using it with EVPlugBase and find that I'm much quicker at graffiti. I also like eLook and think that it will be a big help in reducing "stylus cramp".
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    I just found that AfterburnerII must be disabled before you are able to send or recieve data from other palms. Currently it is the only hack that I have installed so, I am not sure if all hacks have to be disabled in order to beam. I'll find out.
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    Of the 14 hacks I have, only Afterburner affects beaming.

    BTW, you only need to set the clock speed to "normal" to beam. No need to disable the hack.

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    I've had my VDX for 3 days and I'm already getting some much use out of it and visorcentral. The hacks are really useful so far (I'm taking it slow to be careful but I'm moving forward)
    Of course the key to getting started is hackmaster and that can be found at
    Searching for it brings up too many titles that require it and therefore mention it but aren't it so for newbies like myself that's the direct route to it.
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    I'd like to use Switchhack. I like what it does and have downloaded it and installed it twice from different sources and had to delete it.

    With Switchhack installed my VDX locks up when removing any Springboard Module from the Springboard slot. It takes a soft reset to continue. (I have TWGolf, Backup Module and 8Mb. Module.)

    It is definitely Switchhack causing me the problem.

    Any suggestions?


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    Had the same problem with SwitchHack. Have since switched to PhlegmHack without any lock-ups... but then I don't have a SB module... so give it a try and see.

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    Thanks Visordoc,

    Never heard of PhlegmHack. Where did you find it?


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    I have found that PhlegmHack is not compatible with AfterBurner and have reported it to the PhlegmHack author. Every HotSync ends with a Fatal Error if I enable PhlegmHack (with AfterBurner enabled).

    PhlegmHack can be found on
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