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    I figured you couldn't be right about SwitchHack causing problems when removing Springboards. So I tested it for myself, and you're right! I'm going to notify the SwitchHack author as I've registered this program.
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    In your initial post, you said that HackDelete is for deleting hacks. That's incorrect. HackDelete is a hack that warns you that you are attempting to delete a hack without disabling it first. This is a good hack to have installed otherwise you stand a good chance of locking up your Visor.
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    I'm also using PhlegmHack with Afterburner 2.2 at 22-24Mhz, but I haven't had any problems with the Fatal Error after a Hotsync. However, I do have to do a soft reset once in a while before I can Hotsync... seems like a normal procedure for a lot of Visors now.
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    That's interesting that PhlegmHack is not causing you a problem. I have definitely found it to cause a Fatal Error at the end of HotSyncs even with the only other hack installed being AfterBurner. What version of PhlegmHack are you running? I was using 1.3 and the author sent me 'pre 1.4' to try too.

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    I didn't realize there were newer versions already... still using v1.0!
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