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    I've tried to get some help in the general 650 forum, but gotten no response. I migrated from a clie to a 650 yesterday, but am having problems getting the hotsync to my powerbook to fully work without a total freeze- I thinkI'm having problems because I've got so many evil incompatable clie programs stored. So I'd like to start anew (as far as 3rd party programs go). I copied my backup folder, uninstalled the missingsync and reinstalled palm desktop from scratch (deleting my old user setup). I also hard-resetted my 650. Problem is now that I can't get my old contacts, calendar or notepad entries over to the 650. Isync doesn't work (likely because missing sync is uninstalled, right?)

    So solution I'm thinking of is to manually re-install the database info for all that stuff from the old backup folder, but I don't know which database file is which. Can someone list off what the database names are for addressbook, calender, and notepad?

    Solution #2 is to try to get isync to work, but am I correct in thinking that will require me to re-install the missing sync (which I thought was part of my problem in the first place)?

    any other ideas?

    Thanks again
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    Sorry to be so verbose with this, but here's the error message I get when I try to hotsync with isync:

    HotSync 3.2.1 started 1/3/05 6:46:24 PM
    A conflict in the installed conduits has been detected. This is caused when more than one conduit is using the same PIM data type (e.g., Address Book vs. Contacts). To allow synchronization to proceed, use the Conduit Settings dialog to turn off the extra conduits for this user, or drag the extra conduits to the Disabled Conduits folder.
    The following conduits are in conflict:
    iSync Conduit
    The following conduits are in conflict:
    iSync Conduit
    The following conduits are in conflict:
    iSync Conduit
    Conduit Conflict Notifier halted the HotSync operation during the <Sync OK> notification.
    HotSync Canceled 1/3/05 6:46:29 PM
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    The problem is that to use the iSync conduit, the default Contact, Calendar, and Tasks conduits have to be disabled.

    This is easy to fix in just one step. You just need to reinstall the iSync conduit. When it's installing, it automatically disables those conflicting conduits.

    Download it by clicking this, install it, and you'll be good to go.
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    That did the trick!! Thanks so much. After using palms for 8 years, it's good to do a fresh install now and again....
    And by the way, for your survey - BMW 325xi, powerbook 15 1.25ghz, now working 650.

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