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    I *really* like the idea of using AvantGo, and I really only use it for a few items right now: weather and Gist tv listings. I've never had a problem with weather (from the weather channel), but the tv listings NEVER work. I had them for about a week several months ago and now constantly get errors.

    Avantgo support didn't care very much and actually said "Well, we're a free service". That comment made me do a double-take. Anyhow, since they won't help, does anyone else know a solution? Or an alternative tv schedule program that works well...preferrably with descriptions?

    Here's the error today:
    "Error. The server encountereed an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request."

    Thanks in advance for the help & advice.
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    Several weeks back GIST changed their setup. You have to setup your channels again.

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    That's correct. Your current configuration may still be connecting to the old url. The best thing to do is delete the channel and then add it again. Hopefully you won't have to re-setup your Gist profile. I haven't had any problems with Gist lately, except for one thing.

    When I select 'Current Time' as an option, it always gives me listings for Midnight. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I guess I shouldn't expect it to work perfectly since it is a free service. What was I thinking?

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    You might want to try iSiloWeb. It works well and you control when to sync your Visor.
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    I recently had a problem with TWC (weather) too. Got a nice email reply from their "help" address. Admitted that they had some problem with The Weather Channel site/channel and all you had to do was delete the channel and re-add it. That did the trick.
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    sorry if this is alittle off topic,

    AvantGo has Cut/Copy/Paste in it menu and obviously they don't work. Do you think they originally intended to include these commands and forgot to remove them from the program? Or could this be a future feature of AvantGo?

    I'd LOVE to be able to copy and paste out of AvantGo (and yes, I KNOW you can in iSiloWeb, but i prefer AvantGo).
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    Whats-a-matter there Hoser? Getting tired of jerks like me popping up with the "use iSilo" posts?

    On a less juvenile note, I'm guessing that AvantGo's lawyers made them disable the copy & paste menu options. Alot of the stuff that they carry is copyrighted, and some of the folks providing the info probably objected to the feature.

    FWIW, PeanutReader has the same problem. It is annoying to purchase Tap, and not be able to paste URLs into my ToDo list (or URL+ for auto-update into my browsers' bookmark file).

    In both of these cases, I don't see how a limited copy feature (if such could be implemented) would violate fair use; but then I'm not a lawyer . . .
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    Ditch the GIST channel, I found a shareware program called Whats on? from to be much more useful. It puts everything in a grid guide that looks a lot more like the tvguide.
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    Originally posted by hgupta:
    Ditch the GIST channel, I found a shareware program called Whats on? from to be much more useful. It puts everything in a grid guide that looks a lot more like the tvguide.
    Yeah, I had been avoiding WhatsOn because of the shareware fee and the fact that you have to run the web scraper beforehand. But I just downloaded and installed it anyway. It turns out that running the scraper is really a non-issue since you don't have to run it that frequently as the schedule contains data for 7 days or more(by default).

    So I agree, it is a whole bunch better than Gist. But I'm still not sure if it's $20 better. Maybe TV Guide could buy it and provide it free to the public

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