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    if there is more than one email to retrieve.. versamail gives an error & will only retrieve one.. then I have to retrieve the rest one @a time with an error for more than one. if retrieving only one or the last one.. I don't get the error. anyone else have problem &/or fix?
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    Yea, I am having the same problem. Just getting one at a time. I'm using TreoHelper to fetch and push mail from my sprint inbox. I have only got it to work once in a test. Most of the time I get an authorization error, even with a manual get.
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    I'm just using sprint POP server thru VM.
    anyone else have this prob? fix?
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    What is the error message?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rizky
    What is the error message?
    The message was:
    -ERR Authentication Failed

    I don't get it anymore as I've switched to Chatter to push my email to my Treo 650.
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    hello there:

    I have a Treo 650 and I have the same problem . If I only have one e-mail waiting on the Sprint PCS server and I down loaded I have no problems. If I have two or more e-mail waiting for me, I will get an error while down loading the first e-mail. After doing it 4 times in the row ,my treo needed a soft rebot otherwise my web or e-mail does not work not work anymore. I also get all my e-mail dated " Dec 28 2004" . This all started this week on Wednesday at 4:00 pm PST. I called sprint and they told me they are having e-mail problems and that they are working on it. I also have a trouble ticket opened with Sprint PCS but as of Sunday 1/9/04 it is still broken. I also MADE sprint pcs replace my phone just in case and I still get the same problem. Anyone with tips on how to fix this problem?



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    the error says...unknown error occurred retrieving mail... after one is retrieved when there r more than one to retrieve. I am able to see the mail..but have to get one @ a tme...
    help please!
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    I am getting this Error Authentication failed too. Is there an answer to fix this?? I have to e-mail accounts set up and I am only getting this error on my pcs mail account.

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